HVM is 12! Help us celebrate

From 2005 to 2012

It's hard to believe that in 2005 we embarked on this adventure. Time has flown from our initial focus on research and organisational development for museums and the heritage sector. As opportunities have emerged we've applied our social research, stakeholder engagement and capacity building skills and experience to a broad range of fascinating policy areas and programmes.

A flavour of the last month alone

For example in the last month the Chew it over report for the Wellcome Trust on the future of our food, our health and our planet our findings report for the public dialogue on Nuclear Energy and Society were both published. We've embarked on a series of focus groups for Sustainable Aviation and completed work for the British Council, Hull City of Culture 2017 and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Our celebration activities and plans

To celebrate HVM's 12th anniversary we've given our website a thorough overhaul. It now better reflects the focus of our work and includes new sections such as:
- Tools - shining a light on the techniques we use
- Library - where you can access our published reports
- Participant voices - a space to hear directly from research study participants

We've also taken the opportunity to launch our Post Project Support Package. It is a rather prosaic name for a great way to maintain the momentum on research and engagement projects once the initial phase is completed.

Help us celebrate

Help us celebrate in our 12th year by sharing your stories of working with us. If you have pictures or an anecdote we'd love to hear from you and we'll make an anniversary blog about what is sent back to us. Leave your message here.

Despite a chaotic political, social and economic climate we are looking positively to a future with more voices being heard and understood on the societal and organisational issues that matter to all of us. Hearing your voice would be brilliant so do get in touch if you'd like to scope a new research, stakeholder engagement or capacity building project or just re-connect.