Post Project Support

The team at HVM really appreciate the co-designing process with our clients. We develop excellent relationships, and often become part of the client's team as we design and deliver social research, stakeholder engagement and capacity building programmes.

The most positive thing about working with HVM was the relationship we, as a client, developed with them – thus being able to jointly identify challenges/potential issues, and coming to solutions together. I was able to fully trust that HVM would be able to ‘get on and do the work’ but was also confident that if they had issues/ challenges/concerns that they would contact me immediately to discuss the best way forward. And they are just very friendly, organised pleasant people!
— Melanie Knetsch, formerly Head of Communications & Engagement, AHRC

It means we always feel a little bit sad when each project ends. So, to ensure we keep our sunny dispositions we've developed a Post Project Support package for all those we work with. We offer our clients the opportunity of taking up a tailored programme of work comprising all or some of the following elements: 

  • Being on call for telephone advice for ongoing engagement/ research activities
  • Designing and facilitating team or external stakeholder meetings
  • Co-creating team building sessions
  • Providing monthly stakeholder insight to inform strategic decisions
  • Stakeholder mapping and segmentation to inform more focused stakeholder relations
  • Undertaking additional research for participant/ stakeholder re-engagement
  • Guest blogging to support external communications.

If you are interested in talking about this package do get in touch. We offer a discount to current clients so that they can build momentum and draw further on the insight gained through HVM's research and engagement work.