Public engagement on a fair partnership on NHS data

HVM is currently working with Understanding Patient Data, NHS England and the Ada Lovelace Institute on a programme of deliberative public engagement sponsored by the Office of Life Sciences (OLS). The topic is fascinating and complex: exploring a fair partnership between the NHS and researchers, charities and industry on uses of NHS data. Such a theme lends itself to a deliberative process which enables a diversity of perspectives, hopes, fears and questions to surface, and to be given time to be explored. As such HVM, the project team, working closely with and Oversight Group is busy designing:

  • A series of public and patient roundtables

  • Three Citizens’ Juries to take place in Taunton, London and Leeds in early September

  • A nationally representative survey

All of which will be reported on in the late autumn to inform OLS’s policy framework on the issue.

The programme is truly iterative and reflective with each phase informing and shaping the next. HVM is delighted to be designing and delivering this deliberation which will have impact on OLS’s policy framework and enable partners to gain a better grasp of what matters to people in practice, providing guidance to help the NHS navigate this complex landscape.