Who we work with

At Hopkins Van Mil we don’t promise what we can’t deliver. As a well connected team we draw on a network of well-respected associates, bringing additional capacity or expertise to a project.

Look Left Look Right
Look Left Look Right (LLLR) is an award winning site-specific theatre company making vivid, dynamic, and interactive theatre inspired by and about the contemporary world. Since being founded in 2005 by Artistic Director Mimi Poskitt, the company has received funding from Arts Council England, successfully toured their work nationally and won three Fringe First Awards (The Caravan, 2008 and You Once Said Yes, 2011, 2013) and a Total Theatre Award for Innovation and Experimentation (You Once Said Yes, 2011).

HVM and LLLR have worked together for the last two years on the adult engagement element of the Wellcome Trust's food and drink initiative, The Crunch.

Resources for Change
Resources for Change (R4C) is a socially responsible, employee-owned consultancy with a long and strong record of working with the heritage sector. They are experts at qualitative research which supports learning, sustainable change and positive impact. R4C originated in the field of environmental management and today still link their expertise in this area with work that looks at integrating people and their environment. Their approach is to involve people in sustainable changes, focusing on stakeholder engagement, organisational development and community development.

HVM and Resources for Change are currently working as partners on a programme for the Heritage Lottery Fund to listen to the views of players of the National Lottery, gathering their views on what funding for heritage could achieve in future years.