What we do

About us
HVM facilitates engagement so that voices are heard, learning is shared and understanding achieved.

The team has extensive skills and experience in preparing for, designing, facilitating and reporting on effective research and stakeholder engagement programmes on complex issues. We support teams to navigate organisational change and to re-think systems and structures. We are skilled at reporting on engagement findings in ways which are useful to decision makers and enriching to policy makers.

Social research
HVM specialises in using social research techniques such as the design, facilitation and reporting on dialogue, focus groups and community mapping to put people's views at the centre of big issues. The team ask questions, observe situations and listen. Emotionally engaging subjects such as wellbeing, health, environment, data collection and use, energy, arts, heritage and our creative futures affect us all but our opinions can get lost or swamped. As expert researchers HVM creates safe, independent and productive spaces for the individuals, stakeholders, communities, policy makers and policy shapers to share their views on an equal footing. This leads to sparking recommendations and decisions to inform future policy and action.

Stakeholder engagement
HVM comprises a team of expert facilitators. As such we plan for, design and deliver stakeholder engagement meetings, workshops and events. We listen to what organisations aim to get out of their planned session and co-design with them a process which will achieve the best outcome for all involved. We provide objective facilitation to ensure the group can focus on what needs to be discussed so that ideas, solutions and decisions can flow from the process.

Training & mentoring
Using dialogue, facilitation and training skills HVM provides mentoring and advisory services which empower teams and individuals. We design tailored programmes for the culture and heritage sectors delivering on-site support for marketing, advocacy, business planning, fundraising and income generation. It is essential that the training offered is context specific so that those involved are empowered to work further on these areas as they take forward the lessons learnt.

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