Trusted relationships

HVM works closely with clients in a co-design process to ensure our research, engagement and training is tailored to objectives and provides the best possible outcomes. Here’s what people have said about working with the team at HVM.

At the start of the work, I wondered why we needed to bring in outside support – but as soon as we started to work with HVM, I recognised that they had expertise which was WAY beyond what we could have done in-house.
— Adrian Bull, Director of External Relations, National Nuclear Laboratories
The project was an exemplar of a carefully designed and expertly run Sciencewise deliberative dialogue process which successfully delivered its objectives and with the potential for wider policy impacts over time.
— MacGillivray, A, Livesey, H. Evaluation report for the What Works Centre for Wellbeing & Sciencewise, Feb 2016
The topic was a complex one but HVM navigated it expertly, bringing in researchers and information to give context and challenge to people’s existing views but without swamping them or undervaluing their own perspectives. The creative dialogue process enabled people with varying levels of existing knowledge and connection to the topic to share their views in a respectful forum, which was important given the at times emotive nature of the conversation. The resulting events were professional, engaging, entertaining and provided useful insights into the views of the general public to feed back into Wellcome’s thinking.
— Amy Sanders, formerly Wellcome Trust now Cancer Research UK