HVM: where stories, ideas and views matter.
At HVM we focus on facilitating engagement so that voices are heard, learning is shared and understanding achieved. In practice this means finding the process by which people can explore their hopes, fears, challenges and aspirations for the future. We create safe and trusted spaces for productive and emotionally engaging discussions on the issues for which society has no clear answers as yet. Enabling stakeholders including those with lived experience of an issue, technical specialists, members of the public and community groups to work together as equals to take actionable, better informed and powerful decisions.   

Great you found us
The team at Hopkins Van Mil has been busy creating connections through public engagement and social research, stakeholder engagement and training & mentoring since we established our business in 2005. Engage in our dialogue by commenting on our blogs and tweets. We'd love to hear from you!

Our approach
Hopkins Van Mil believes in building capacity for change. How? By moving people from unfocused chat to meaningful dialogue. The impact? Informed, empowered and engaged individuals, teams, organisations, communities, policy makers and shapers.