Henrietta Hopkins: Director, Insight & Innovation
Henrietta is an expert Lead Facilitator and Qualitative Research Designer with a particular interest in bringing creativity to public and stakeholder engagement and capacity building. She works closely with academics, specialists and policy makers and shapers to enable the sensitive, evidence based exploration of complex and technical issues. 

This week Henrietta has been immersed in desk research on neural interfaces in preparation for a series of stakeholder interviews with experts in the field before designing the Royal Society’s public dialogue on the subject which launches in January. She has also met with the leader of the museum studies course at UCL Qatar in preparation for an HVM fundraising training course to be held in January in Dohar. Updates to the library area of HVM’s website have also peppered her week.

Life includes motherhood, an opera company and a desire for dance. 

Click here for Henrietta's LinkedIn or connect on twitter @henriettahvm