Of course expert facilitation is at the heart of all we do at HVM. Our team uses sensitive, emotionally intelligent and robust techniques to draw out people's views and seek their opinions. We are known for gaining nuanced findings because we enable individual voices to shine out from the group work. HVM facilitators:

  • Give time for people to think individually and in pairs before sharing views in a group setting

  • Manage louder voices and draw out the quieter

  • Give people time and space to reflect - during workshops, before and after them

  • Provide a range of ways and opportunities to feedback both verbally and in writing

  • Vary the activities so people from diverse cultures and experiences can work in the way that best suits their style and needs

  • Create a space where trust is quickly developed to enable people to speak out on the issues that matter

  • Remain impartial throughout, demonstrating to participants that is their views that count

In a recent evaluation of a public dialogue for the Royal Society the evaluator stated, 

There was unanimous agreement that the facilitation was independent, professional and effective. Participants praised how the facilitation helped create strong group dynamics.

To find out more about HVM's work in this area visit the Library or Projects page.