Depth interviews

HVM turns to depth interviews when insights are required on a complex issue where a simple survey will not explain the 'why' of people's views. Depth interviews are ideal for the early stages of a research process to scope the issue at hand in detail, and at the end of a process as validation for the findings. Depth interviews allow the HVM team to:

  • Refine a complex research question with those who have a high level of expertise/ experience of the policy area
  • Test the sources for inclusion in a literature review
  • Plan for ongoing research activities
  • Scope the key issues behind the challenge being researched
  • Gain a balanced picture of all views to inform research design
  • Build a picture as views change over time

For some research HVM also employs peer interviews. This tool really enables interviewees to relax in to the interview setting, establishing common ground and sealing the rapport which brings out rich research findings. It also brings benefits for interviewers to learn new things, building their confidence and encouraging them to develop other life skills. For examples of HVM's work using depth interviews visit the Library or Projects areas.