Community mapping

HVM uses community mapping for developing an understanding of how people feel about their community and the assets within it. We use them to work with communities to think through what should change in their neighbourhoods in a constructive way that involves their input and engagement. By walking through their area in small groups, taking photos and discussing what they see with expert facilitators participants closely examine the individuals, organisations and networks that help everyone in their area to thrive. All of this is used by local authorities, planners, community organisations and development agencies as they address issues such as:

  • Social inequality
  • Community cohesion
  • Wellbeing

By understanding how individuals in a community respond to all the assets they currently have enables that neighbourhood to build on success and minimise the challenges that cause communities to suffer.

For information on HVM's work in this area visit Library and Projects. The primary tool for HVM's work is effective and empathetic facilitation. At HVM we facilitate engagement to gain insight - for us this is the key to being effective in all our research and engagement programmes.