Whose listening anyway? By Henrietta Hopkins

I'm often to be found talking to my dog. She puts her head on one side and really tries as hard as she can to get what I'm saying. Of course she's hoping its, 'Do you want a chew?' or, 'Walkies?' but more often than not I'm just downloading a worry, or perhaps rehearsing a conversation I want to have with someone else that day. Normally I put this desire to talk to someone who won't comment or judge down to my long list of eccentricities. But of course I'm not alone. We all need to be listened to and really heard. 

This came home to me reading an article in The Guardian's Weekend magazine. It was called Listen Up by Moya Sarner. How to listen really well was summed up in the article as:

  • Not jumping in with advice too quickly, if at all
  • Showing genuine interest
  • Using your expression and body language as much as your words
  • Allowing silence to give people the space they need to reflect

At HVM our dialogues are all about creating a space for listening, showing people that they are being heard, and ensuring those views get to those who can make a change in society. In these really challenging times isn't that what we all need? A space to listen and to be heard?